GERMANY: Artist Removed Clothing From Herself and Baby to Walk Around NAKED in Museum (+ Video)

Well, it is “The Naked Life” exhibition.

Shocked: Visitors spotted Swiss artist Milo Moire walking around a museum naked while carrying a baby

32-year-old artist Milo Moire had everyone’s jaw dropping at a museum in Germany when she decided to walk around sans clothes and only a pair of high heels while holding her baby who was also partially nude wearing only a diaper.

Controversial: Moire was slammed by critics last year for pushing paint-filled eggs out of her vagina

Milo Moire
She would pause before paintings of, well other nudes by classic and modern painters at the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in the city of Muenster in north-western Germany and of course, art-lovers such as 30-year-old Anke Lange, wasn’t impressed:

“I’m all for expression and alternatives in art, but this was just ridiculous,” Lange replies.

“From what I gather, she thinks that getting her clothes off, looking at paintings of nude people and holding a naked baby makes her become part of the art.”

Of course, there are always others who would beg to differ as visitor Tobias Meyer, 45, told The Mirror, “I must admit, it was more interesting than the average art exhibition.”

Perhaps we should all move to Germany?